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Do not do business with these people they are crooks. I called to cancel an order and they didnt not respond or return call for 3 days. Then finally says they have processed the part and it would be $650 to cancel. Their order contract is a trap. Once I finally spoke to them they became irrate and hung up on me. Buyer beware.

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The customer service in the warranty department that i received was very unprofessional and rude. This was my first purchase from this company and Im unsure about making another. I hope that the products sold are much better than the customer service i received from the warranty department. If not i will give my Pissed Consumer Report again. (i dont have enough ioybwux isdbce ydcb uybdc uec uedcby bueducybuydcb u bucuybcefcuyb cuyyubcdeu ueby... Read more

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I ordered an engine from this company and it was never shipped. After reading other complaints about the same customer service; I decided to look into the company further. I was appalled at the reviews I read and decided to terminate my dealing with this company immediately. I cancelled my order and was told I had to pay a 25% restocking fee because the company had to pay people to pull the engine out, "my people don't work for free" the... Read more

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We purchased a used motor for 1075.00. It took over a month for it to ship. My mechanic has installed and removed it twice and it will not turn. The motor was siezed up. They sold us *** and do not want to stand by the product or their so called warranty. They will not return any phone calls. We are out not only the money we paid for the motor in the first place, but all the the labor charges to our mechanic. I feel like a fool for ever having... Read more

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I bought a motor only got 300 miles, they promise they would honor my warranty, bold face lie! THIS PEOPLE ARE A SCAM>>>DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM We had to put the install on hold due to the devastation in our area, the vehicle and motor didn't have any damage, @ is running fine! Please active my warranty. Thanks@ God blessing We had to put the install on hold due to the devastation in our area, the vehicle and motor didn't have any damage, @... Read more

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These people are the biggest ripoff company I have ever dealt with. If you question them on anything they are so rude to you that you just want to hang up on them. I ordered my engine and never received it. Now, I'm waiting for my credit to be reimbursed. I called my bank yesterday and disputed the charges. I will now get a hold of the Attorney General. This company has no business doing business in America. When ordering they are very polite,... Read more

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I used to work there and still have a friend there i quit becsuse the the crookery by by management the only reason my friend still works there is because he has several kids and needs a paycheck all they are is repainted engines they *** a wire harness here and there and I just spray painted engine aluminum Rustoleum and Krylon for that matter the shop supervisor the Spanish guy and in Albanian run it like its a Mafia run organization this is... Read more

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My business purchased a Diesel motor from them and we installed the motor and test drove it, turned the motor over to the customer and they did not get down the street and the motor head cracked and sent oil all over the place. They will not return my calls and will not stand by the warranty for labor to take out the bad motor they sent my to the new one they sent to replace it. We were only looking for them to cover the labor to replace old... Read more

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At first I was a little worried after reading of the reviews about this company. Nonetheless, I purchased a motor for my son's 2000 Trooper back in July and the engine was everything they claimed it to be. It shipped, delivered (earlier) than quoted to my mechanics shop. It was installed and runs great with zero issues on the first attempt. Everyone I dealt with was very helpful, friendly and had outstanding customer service. Thanks! Read more

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